In 2011, I began my journey in the world of wine, particularly Italian wine. After a family trip to Israel, I flew to Florence and traveled throughout the Tuscan region experiencing all the region has to offer; food, wine, history, culture and civility.  Wine seemed the pinnacle of all things Italian.  It was endlessly fascinating, occasionally inscrutable, and always delicious.   I thought ‘why not make this a career?’.

With the passion for wine ignited, I flew home to Hong Kong wondering how to get started.  In the free wheeling economy of the city I began to import the wine of my first love; Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.  I poured myself into learning as much as possible about this historic region.   I shared my growing knowledge of Montalcino and introduced this amazing wine to my friends, family and business partners.  Building upon this success I began to seek out new producers and regions from across Italy and created a larger, more diverse portfolio with a strong focus of small family run vineyards.  At the same time I built long lasting, deep connections with the families and wineries I believed had something special in their story and philosophy – and a uniqueness to their wines.

After selling Solo Vino in Hong Kong I relocated to California.  After dabbling in other business I came back to what I love; Italian wine.  Now, I want to share these small family producer in the California and US market.  Too often these wineries are overlooked by national importers looking to fill trucks with ‘driver’ wines.  The exceptional hand crafted nature of AlloraVino wines stands apart by virtue of their farming practices, prized locations, and the dedication of the winegrowers and makers.

The AlloraVino portfolio features micro producers who make a few hundred cases of each wine from their family vineyards, with their practices being passed down from generation to generation as well as new “out of the box” style producers pushing the envelope and daring to express their talents in this strict world of wines. AlloraVino puts forth “Quality over Quantity” as a cornerstone in searching out new producers and what they have to offer.

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